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Testing stands for a special project

Testing stands for a special project

Testing is a mandatory part of conformity assessment for furniture. It is performed to attest product safety and quality.

In accordance with the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union [TR TS] 025/012, furniture testing requires specialized equipment and includes a large number of testing cycles (up to 29,000) or using severe loads (up to 100 kg).

In our laboratory, we have performed a number of tests on several furniture items. Our testing stations are truly one of a kind, as they were tailor-made for a specific technical assignment within the scope of a specialized project. The stations allow the testing cycles to be performed continuously and with maximum precision while the required load is applied.

The key advantage of the mattress testing station is its full automation and the ability to perform testing without the support of an engineer, which excludes human error. All measurements are taken automatically, increasing precision and speeding up the testing process.

The five-axis testing station is singular and unique due to its multifunctional performance. It can be used to test different types of furniture, including tables (desks), chairs, armchairs and sofas, and modular items.

The testing station database contains testing programs for every product, so that you only have to choose a suitable program from the list.

Please see our video presentation below on how these tests are performed: