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Inspections in the Russian Federation may be carried out not only by supervision authorities but also by private accredited inspection bodies providing a broad range of services, including the inspection of technical documentation, suppliers, manufacturing plants, and products. In the latter case, it is possible to confirm the originality and authenticity of the product. ROSTEST is an accredited inspection body for all types of inspection services.

Thanks to our broad scope of accreditation, our level of knowledge and expertise together with an individual approach to problem solving, we have been able to develop individual inspection solutions on a “package” basis in accordance with the needs of every partner so as to effectively complete the tasks set before us while keeping costs and risks down.

In accordance with the existing laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, an inspection completed by a duly accredited inspection body may help the company lower its costs associated with regulatory inspections. ROSTEST has a roster of experts in the Russian Federation and several countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. We are able to conduct inspections of any kind, including at the production facility during product shipment and during product sale in EEU territory, even if national borders are closed.