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A periodic evaluation of certified products is a systematic conformity assessment carried out by a certification body in order to establish conformity of the certified products to the requirements attested during the certification of these products.

Certificates issued for serial products must be regularly attested by means of periodic evaluation.

According to the latest legislation amendments, the certification body must submit the results of the periodic evaluation to the unified register of certificates; the information submitted becomes public record. If no such data is provided for the register of certificates within the established timeframe, the supervision and oversight authorities shall have the right to cancel the validity of this certificate starting from its date of issue. What is the purpose of a periodic evaluation?

The purpose of a periodic evaluation is ensuring an appropriate level of trust in the product in question during the entire validity period of its certificate. The periodic evaluation is carried out by the certification body to confirm the fact that the certified products are currently compliant with established mandatory requirements.

Who carries out the periodic evaluation?
The periodic evaluation is carried out by the certification body that issued the certificate of conformity. If this certification body is unable to carry out the periodic evaluation due to the suspension or cancellation of its accreditation certificate, it may transfer its rights and obligations to another accredited body to perform the periodic evaluation, provided that this body has a scope of accreditation that includes the certified products.

How is a periodic evaluation performed?
A periodic evaluation is performed either by analyzing production status or by product testing; however, both may be needed depending on the results of risk analysis carried out by the certification body. If the risks are low, the scope of evaluation is reduced.

If the manufacturing of the certified products has been suspended or if there are no reference materials available for testing, the certification body has the right to postpone the planned periodic evaluation; the period of such postponement may not exceed six months.

ROSTEST applies a risk-oriented approach to the planning and performing of a periodic evaluation, which enables the manufacturer to balance costs and make the evaluation beneficial, allowing to establish and prevent possible violations.