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This Privacy policy applies to the website under the domain name rtmsk.com.

This web page provides information on the kind of data that we (the administration of the website) may receive when you use our site. 


«The Administration of rtmsk.com» refers to authorized and competent personnel acting on behalf of AO «ROSTEST», performing personal data processing and defining the purposes of personal data processing, the scope of personal data to be processed, and the operations to be performed with personal data. 

«Personal data» refers to any information relating to any natural person directly or indirectly established or any natural person that may be established (subject of personal data).

«Personal data processing» refers to any action (operation) or a series of actions (operations) performed with personal data using automation technology or without using such technology, including collecting, recording, adjusting, accumulating, storing, refining (updating, altering), extracting, using, transmitting (distribution, provision, access), depersonalizing, blocking, deleting and destroying personal data.  

«Privacy» refers to the necessity of preventing the disclosure or leakage of any information. 

«The User of rtmsk.com (hereinafter referred to as the User)» refers to a person having access to the Website through the Internet network and using the rtmsk.ru website.

«Cookies» refers to a small fragment of data sent by the web server, stored on the User’s computer, and sent to the web server by the web client or the web browser in an HTTP request on every attempt to upload a page of the corresponding website.

«IP address» refers to the unique IP network address in an IP network.

Data collected during a site session

Personal data

The personal data related to a website session is transmitted by the User voluntarily; such data may include the following: name, surname, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, mail or service delivery addresses, details of the company represented by the User, their position in the company represented by the User, social media accounts; further information may be requested by the form fields. 

This data is collected to provide services, communicate with the User, or in reference to other User activity on the website, as well as to send to the Users the information that they have consented to receive. 

We do not examine the correctness of the data submitted to us; however, we cannot guarantee an appropriate feedback on our part if incorrect data is provided. 

The data is collected by the forms present on the website, i.e. «Contact Us», etc. 

The forms installed on the website may transmit data directly to the website, as well as to third-party websites (third-party service scripts).

Data may also be collected through cookies, both directly by the website and through third-party service scripts. This data is collected automatically; you can opt out of sending this data by turning off cookies in the browser that you are using to view the website. 

Non-personal data

Apart from personal data, non-personal data related to a website session is also collected automatically by the web server hosting the website, by CMS (content managing system) tools, and third-party scripts installed on the website. Automatically collected data includes the following: IP address and its country of registration; name of the domain used by you to reach us; information on users moving from one page of the website to another; information provided voluntarily by your website while you visit us; cookies; visits and other data collected by third-party analytics counters installed on the website will also be recorded. 

This data is anonymous and is collected to improve customer service, enhance website usability, and analyze website traffic. 

Provision of data to third parties

We do not disclose any personal information of our Users to companies, organizations, and natural persons who are not affiliated with us. 

The exceptions to this rule are listed below.

User data that is publicly accessible 

The User’s personal data may be made publicly accessible in accordance with the services of the website, i.e. when the User leaves comments or suggestions, the name specified by them may be made public; such user activity on the website is voluntary and the User through their actions gives consent to this data being made public. 

Legal requirements

Information may be disclosed to prevent fraud or other illegal activity, in accordance with legal requirements, and as otherwise established by the law. 

Provision of services, performance of obligations

The User agrees that their personal information may be transmitted to third parties to provide services requested through the website, and to perform other obligations towards the User. Such third parties include courier services, postal services, etc.

Third-party services installed on the website

The website may have forms installed that collect personal data of other organizations; in this case, the collection, storage, and protection of User’s personal data is carried out by third-party organizations in accordance with their privacy policy.

The collection, storage, and protection of data received from a third-party is carried out in accordance with the present Privacy policy.

Data confidentiality

We maintain confidentiality of the data we receive, except in cases expressly provided for by the present Privacy policy, or the legislation of the Russian Federation, or if such data has been made public by the User. 

If third-party website software or the User’s website software allow for an open data exchange with persons and/or other Internet participants and users, we cannot guarantee that data confidentiality will be maintained. 

Our measures to protect your data

We undertake appropriate safety measures regarding the collection, storage, and processing of the collected data to ensure its protection from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. We provide our employees, contractors, and agents with limited access to personal data; we constantly work on improving the methods of data collection, storage, and processing, including physical safety measures, to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.

Your consent to our Privacy policy

By using this website, you consent to the present Privacy policy and the terms and conditions of personal data processing.

If you do not consent to the present Privacy policy, please refrain from further use of rtmsk.com.

Legal disclaimer

The present Privacy policy does not extend to any other websites and is not applicable to third-party websites that may contain a mention of our website and hyperlinks to it, as well as hyperlinks from this website to other Internet websites. We shall not be held liable for the actions of other websites.

Changes to our Privacy policy

We reserve the right to update the present Privacy policy at our discretion and at any time. Should the Policy be updated, a corresponding notice will appear on the main page of our website. We recommend that our users check this page on a regular basis to keep up to date on any changes to our policy on protecting user data collected by us. By using this website, you consent to and accept the responsibility to regularly review our Privacy policy, and the changes introduced hereto.

Intellectual property

The present Website is the intellectual property of AO «ROSTEST». All the materials published on the website, including information, graphic media, audio, video, photographic or other materials, are the intellectual property of AO «ROSTEST» or the property of copyright holders that have provided AO «ROSTEST» with the right to publish the abovementioned materials on the website.

All rights to intellectual property, including authors’ rights, neighboring rights, exclusive rights to brand names, trade names, trademarks, service marks, or other intellectual rights in all the website materials are the property of AO «ROSTEST» or the property of its partners that have provided AO «ROSTEST» with the right to publish the abovementioned materials on the website.

Contact Us

If you have any queries on our Privacy policy, using our website, or any other questions, please contact us at rostest@rtmsk.ru.