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What Makes ROSTEST A Reliable International Partner?

What Makes ROSTEST A Reliable International Partner?

If you need to certify a particular product, you will probably find yourself asking, “Where do I start?” This is especially true if you have never performed a certification before. The answer is quite simple: you start with choosing a certification body (CB). But how does one do that?

— Flexibility. This is one of the central principles in our work. In the difficult times that we live in, a certification body has to be able to adjust to the changing circumstances, keeping in mind the entire situation of the customer and their wishes while maintaining a professional approach and a high quality of service.

— Openness and guidance. We regularly hold ROSTEST Academy trainings for our customers, detailing the amendments to laws and regulations, elaborating on their practical use, and giving suggestions on incorporating the new legislation into our customers’ operations.

— Experience and competence. ROSTEST is an executive body of the IECEE certification system. Our experts are participants of working groups and technical committees and help to develop technical regulations. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to offer solutions on reducing the timeframe of particular procedures and generally optimizing the cost of conformity assessment. All our solutions are completely legitimate.

In addition, we developed a unique solution that allows us to prepare all authorization documents for our customers speedily and efficiently.

Our engagement outside the framework of the EEU is not limited to expert work. We maintain a longstanding dialogue with industry associations, participate in conferences, and are included in international certification schemes.

This collaboration goes back a long way, and thanks to it, we are able to integrate state-of-the-art solutions into our work that are only just starting to appear elsewhere in the form of official schemes.

For instance, as a temporary measure, we offer to our customers the recognition of overseas protocols, a solution that currently has certain limitations.

As recognized by the assessments carried out by our partner organizations, the solutions we develop are rooted in the EEU laws and regulations, international experience, as well as our own in-house standards.

We apply these solutions regularly to address various issues presented by our customers. In the course of time, our approach has proven its effectiveness and conformity with all applicable laws and regulations.

Simple in use, this tool allows us to significantly shorten the timeframe for preparing documents for our customers while working completely within the legal framework of both the Russian Federation and the EEU.

ROSTEST is your reliable and experienced certification partner ready to support you and your business in any situation.