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Assessing a Product’s Conformity

Assessing a Product’s Conformity

The first and foremost step in conformity assessment is choosing a certification body.

Choosing the right partner is important, as it determines whether you will be able to complete all the certification stages correctly. What do you need to consider when applying to a certification body? Please see our article on choosing a reliable certification partner.

Let us go over the certification stages.

At a minimum, the certification process includes five: application, sampling and delivery of samples, production status analysis, testing, and, if the results of testing are positive, issuing a certificate.

However, there are tools to simplify the certification process and reduce its timeframe without any risks to the applicant.

As a participant of international conformity assessment systems, ROSTEST is able to recognize international certificates and CB reports (testing protocols) in the CB scheme of the IECEE system. This is also true for the results of previous production assessments and CIG 023 reports.

A unified register of recognized (approved) vendors and authentic products is envisaged as a legitimate source of reliable information on recognized (approved) vendors of authentic products, raw materials and other materials, and accessories. This Register will be available on the official websites of designated authorities (the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) or the State Information System on Industry (GISP) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia).

All of the above allows ROSTEST to conduct a certification procedure in three steps, not five, reducing its timeframe and cutting costs.

We will be happy to advise you on any stage of the certification and develop the best solution for you.